Plus Size Swimwear

plus size swim dress
Finding plus size swimwear that is both flattering and stylish can be a challenge.  Many of today’s swimsuits are not created for a real woman with curves and healthy bodies.  One of the best choices a plus sized woman can make when choosing her bathing suit for the season is to buy modest swimwear.

If you’re a woman who has shopped for any kind of plus size women’s clothing, then you know that the right cut and style can make a world of difference in how you look and feel.  When you choose to wear modest swimwear, these types of suits can provide you with the right styles and coverage that feels good to wear around the swimming pool.

You don’t have to avoid shopping for swimsuits any longer.  The key to buying Plus Size Bathing Suits is to find what is flattering for your body type.  Just because you’re looking at modest swimsuits doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  You can have great coverage while remaining fashionable

Women who have larger bottoms, thighs and legs typically have a pear-shaped body.  These women should look for plus size swimwear that accentuates the top half of their bodies while covering the lower half.

plus size swimdress

If you have a shape with a larger chest, stomach and shoulder area, you have an apple-shaped body.  These women can find modest bathing suits that have a tummy-tightening panel and cheerful prints that are designed to draw the eye downward.  Swim dresses make excellent choices for these plus sized women.

Some plus sized women have small waists with a large chest and hips.  These women should look for plus size swimwear that draws attention to their small waist with belts, colors or prints.  Color block style suits are perfect for this body type.

Women who have large chests know that they need to find a modest swimsuit that offers plenty of support to avoid shoulder and back pain.  These women should look for suits that have underwire-supported tops and strong straps.

When you shop for your swimwear, you can focus on both your body shape and style.  Many plus sized options have standard features like tummy control panels, extra slipping features and chest support to accommodate a real woman’s needs.

General designs that flatter all body types to keep in mind while shopping for plus size swimwear include bright colors, dark panels, ruffles and prints.  You can be stylish, modest and comfortable when you find the right suit to wear around the pool!